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Horror pink card in wellington phoenix clash against adelaide

Using the vintage football adage that accurate teams can acquire high-quality outcomes while playing badly, the phoenix should be an excellent group based on this night’s proof.

They slightly fired a shot in adelaide but one way or the other emerged with a draw which extends their unbeaten run to 6 games.

Adelaide absolutely ruled the in shape however have been kept at bay by way of a aggregate of bad completing, extremely good protecting and brilliant goalkeeping from kurto.

That dominance peaked following mandi’s 67th-minute dismissal however nevertheless the hosts could not rating, to the factor their misses have become greater comical the nearer fulltime approached.

The very last few seconds encapsulated the in shape.

George blackwood turned into in on intention but kurto saved his shot at the near post and a returned-tracking andrew durante lay flat on his lower back spent subsequent to his keeper because the very last whistle sounded.

Mandi’s crimson card became pivotal.

The ball turned into lodged below a susceptible vince lia just outdoor the penalty vicinity but by the time mandi’s swinging boot arrived on the scene, the ball had long past but lia had no longer.

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